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Unrivaled Medicine God

Novel-Unrivaled Medicine God-Unrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2496 - Humanity's Number One Person! damp film
In a Different World with a Smartphone
He already was a Dao Ancestor and was really incapable of get him straight down!
A number slowly walked out. A highly effective flame concept was similar to the blazing sun large over inside the skies, s.h.i.+ning until anyone could not start their sight.
Simply to see him carry his palm out, a huge glowing pet bird all of a sudden flew up.
Perfect Dao Accurate Martial, Myriad Dao Annihilation!
Individuals nine pa.s.sageways, only by receiving a rule crystal could a single continue to be on the inside.
… How will it be, Tian Qing? I, this Dao Ancestor Firespirit, could type in your places, proper?” Lin Chaotian considered Tian Qing and said by using a excessive laugh.
… …
So far, simply the initial pa.s.sageway acquired established.
There are nine pa.s.sageways higher than the void.
But nobody required that Lin Chaotian was really so robust!
This Dao Ancestor Exploitation was over a different degree from the prior Dao Ancestor Exploitation.
It absolutely was merely to see Tian Qing threw a punch out ordinarily, lugging a biting freezing fist force of the wind, steering right for Lin Chaotian.
Hopefully humanity might get some more destinations. If not … the period ahead will be difficult to make do!”
Anything emerged so instantly.
“I-It is Dao Ancestor Living, Lin Chaotian! He … He took over as the new Dao Ancestor Firespirit!”
But not one person predicted that Lin Chaotian was actually so robust!
Chapter 2496: Humanity’s # 1 Particular person!
Definitely, this new Dao Ancestor Fire stunned him somewhat.
“This power is practically planning to break the sky definitely! I’m afraid that they are not not Perfect Dao any further!”
“I-It’s Dao Ancestor Everyday life, Lin Chaotian! He … He became the new Dao Ancestor Firespirit!”
From the whole Doomsday Combat, he cowered from the rear, not daring to back end his top of your head whatsoever.
All the things came up so instantly.
Vampire's Slice Of Life
Divine Dao Genuine Martial, Myriad Dao Annihilation!
Sugar: A Novel
All things considered, Tian Qing’s might possessed for ages been deeply rooted in people’s hearts and minds.

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